Elvis Presely CoinElvis Presley® Enterprises

Through our affiliation as an official licensee of Elvis Presley Enterprises, we have created a choice of original designs and of the highest-quality minted coins to honor the #1 Gold record hits of the King of Rock & Roll.™. Learn more.

National Rifle AssociationNRA

As a licensed partner of the National Rifle Association for more than a decade, we are authorized to use the official NRA logo on the products we create. Over the years, we've designed medallions, knives, lapel pins, coasters, and much more featuring this distinctive emblem. Learn more.

International Association of Fire FightersIAFF

As a licensed affiliate of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), we are authorized to include the distinctive IAFF emblem in our custom designs. Learn more.

US Border PatrolUS Border Patrol

Our affiliation with the U.S. Border Patrol has enabled us to create medallions, knives, and other custom-minted designs using the official Border Patrol emblem. Learn more.

U.S. Coast Guard challenge coinsUS Coast Guard

As the preferred mint of the U.S. Coast Guard and with their partnership, we have created the most extensive line of Coast Guard challenge coins available for retail sale. Learn more.

United States Marshals coinDiscovery Channel

Through our affiliation with Discovery Channel, we were the natural choice to be the only official licensee offering a line of minted products, featuring genuine Alaskan gold, for the top-rated cable television series GOLD RUSH™. Learn more.

United States Marshals coinKing Features

As an official licensee of King Features, A Unit of Hearst Corporation, we have been entrusted to recaptured childhood memories that include cartoon classics like America’s most famous sailor - Popeye® the Sailor Man™ - in the tradition of a custom-designed and minted challenge coin. Learn more.

United States Marshals coinUS Marshals

We are licensed to use the U.S. Marshals Service logo on our custom designs. Over the years, we have created medallions, Lucite embedments, and other products to support the mission and salute the members of this esteemed organization. Learn more.

Boy Scouts of America coinsBoy Scouts of America

As an official licensee of the Boy Scouts of America, we have created the first-ever BSA-licensed Boy Scout coins and coin knives available for retail sale. Learn more.

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Founder Coin
Hot Topic: Honoring the Founder

Often an organization will want to honor its founder by including his or her likeness on a coin. For such a coin to be genuinely successful, the likeness must be true. Getting that result on a coin requires the highest level of skill and craftsmanship in coin creation. Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to be able to work with the finest artisans available to achieve such results.

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Coins from ElectrumThe earliest known coins were struck in Lydia and Ionia (modern western Turkey) from electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. Each coin blank was cast to a predetermined weight. Then the blank was heated to a malleable temperature and struck with a hammer between two engraved dies. These archaic coins usually depict a symbol of the city or ruler on the obverse and a crude punch mark on the reverse. They were the world's first true coins because they were composed of a scarce metal, of a consistent weight, and guaranteed by a government.