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Just like the stuff the men of GOLD RUSH have risked it all to find, our official line of minted products is the ultimate way to connect yourself to the search for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to be an official licensee of the Discovery Channel. Our coins are crafted proudly in the United States using the finest materials that includes silver and gold from the Alaskan frontier.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: Insights & Ideas
Insights & Ideas
Hot Topic: What to Gold Plate ?

Say you have decided to mint your masterpiece in silver with selective gold plating. Sometimes deciding what to plate is not obvious. Our staff will be happy to advise on what may be more successful for your coin based on experience. Generally large and easily traced regions achieve better results.

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Chemistry of Gold Plating

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?There are five recognized classes of gold plating chemistries: Alkaline gold cyanide (for gold and gold alloy plating), Neutral gold cyanide (for high purity plating), Acid gold plating for bright hard gold and gold alloy plating, Non-cyanide (generally sulfite based for gold and gold alloy plating) and miscellaneous other methods not using any of the above chemistries.