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Paying Tribute to an American Institution

Founded in 1790, the United States Coast Guard has served as the nation’s elite maritime security force for more than 200 years. Always ready to protect America’s freedom at a moment's notice, the U.S. Coast Guard serves as a vital frontline force, safeguarding America's shores and propelling American forces to victory overseas.

Demonstrating unparalleled versatility and superior skill, the sailors of the Coast Guard have consistently met America’s need for port security and coastal defense with trademark efficiency and patriotic zeal.

As the preferred mint of the U.S. Coast Guard, Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to create coins, medallions, and more featuring official Coast Guard marks and heraldry. The custom products we create are used as awards, tokens of service, performance, graduation and retirement gifts, often done as traditions developed over years. The coin featured above, which is struck in brass and finished in antique bronze, illustrates our talent for the highest quality minting processes. This is our way of hailing the work of America’s Coast Guard.

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NRA Coin
Hot Topic: The Constitution

Everyone knows that the NRA has been a vigorous defender of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. That's why they chose a Northwest Territorial Mint constitution stock die for many of the coins that we mint for them. But this stock die is not exclusive the NRA, and is available to any customer who wishes to reference the Constitution on their coin for most any reason.

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The 1776 Continental Dollar

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?1776 marked not only the signing of a Declaration of Independence for the thirteen American Colonies, sending notice to England and the rest of the world that the Colonies would submit no longer to outside governance and interference.  It also marked for the colonies their first exercise of the right as a sovereign entity to coin their own monies.  Using coin designs developed by Benjamin Franklin, Continental Dollars were struck in silver, pewter and brass.