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Headquartered in Kent, Washington, Northwest Territorial Mint maintains a nationwide network of resources. These assets empower us to us to serve your needs and complete your project on-time with efficiency and thoroughness wherever you may be. Our physical plant resources include:

  • Kent, WA
  • Pentagon
    Retail store located on the main concourse
  • Green Bay, WI
    Sales office, die-cutting, and sculpting facility
  • Dayton, NV
    Home of Medallic Art Company, corporate offices, and minting facility
Northwest Territorial Mint: Insights & Ideas
Thailand Coin
Hot Topic: Foreign Customers

The reputation of our work has spread worldwide to the point that we frequently get asked if we can mint for overseas customers. Of course, the answer is an emphatic yes and we do so nearly every day. With customers on every continent of the world, we have proudly produced coins and medallions for governments large and small and a myriad of private organizations.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: In The News

The San Francisco Mint

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?The San Francisco Mint — known as the “Granite Lady” for its stately granite classic revival architecture — contributed mightily to saving the city from total economic chaos by serving as a financial center during the days that followed the devastating 1906 earthquake. As the only institution able to open its doors, the Mint became the temporary treasury for San Francisco’s relief funds, and was the only agency capable of receiving and disbursing the money necessary for the city’s recovery.