Northwest Territorial Mint’s Reorganization Complete

Northwest Territorial Mint has reorganized under new management. Mr. Bill Atalla was named CEO in January, and has been dedicating his efforts to improving our processes, procedures, and most importantly, to establishing a culture of trust and reliability for employees and customers.

We’re now wholly focused on providing custom-minting and online retail products for our customer base. We are the global leader in our industry, merging old-world artistry with the latest, state-of-the-art technology.

After restructuring our operations and centralizing them in Dayton, Nevada, Bill believes we retain the products, people, and perseverance to prosper. We are thriving and growing. Northwest Territorial Mint remains the largest private mint in America and has the on-site capability to complete every step of the minting process at our 118,000- square-foot, state-of-the-art minting facility in Dayton, Nevada. Our corporate office is in Dayton, NV, with sales offices nationwide.

We are currently focusing on a rebranding effort, to bring a fresh new look that matches our new practices and custom-minting services that retain our proven product quality and outstanding customer service. The company’s website will be redesigned, including the online store, and several features will be added and improved. The goal continues to be to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our products and our people.

With new management, we operate under a philosophy carved from integrity and transparency.