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Though we're certainly proud of all of our "bricks and mortar" resources, our greatest asset is our close-knit team of professionals. When we say we're a full-service mint, we mean it. Our team is made up of some of the most highly trained and talented professionals in the industry, all working together to get the job done for you. Specifically, our team consists of:

  • More than 170 minting technicians and production experts
  • 7 full-time artists
  • 13 die-cutters and sculptors
  • 8 full-time sales associates
  • 5 customer service representatives
  • Plus, entire departments devoted to our web sites, creative, packaging, and more.

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Do you have an idea for custom coin or medallion? We want to hear from you. Whether you're interested in creating a high-impact award, a unique commemorative, or the perfect gift, Northwest Territorial Mint can help you turn your idea into a beautiful custom coin or medallion that will be treasured forever. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-843-9854 or send us an e-mail at custominfo@nwtmint.com. We look forward to working with you!

Northwest Territorial Mint: Insights & Ideas
Saint Florian Coin
Hot Topic: Patron Saints

Northwest Territorial Mint's patron saint series have become extremely popular as a stock die choice for the reverse of many a custom coin. Customers tell us they love the exquisite detail found in the excellent sculpts we made, and the variety of finishes available. We also bring this expertise to your projects in another way, creating unique patron saints coins made exclusively for you.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: In The News

The Brasher Doubloon

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?Lack of readily available, full-weight coinage that was not counterfeit was a major problem in our nation’s early years. In 1787, New York State granted Ephraim Brasher a petition to mint coins. Brasher was a highly regarded goldsmith and silversmith with George Washington among his clients. Over the next few years Brasher struck various copper coins and a small quantity of gold coins, using the “EB” hallmark for coins he either minted or assayed.