The Client:

Terrill Major - BRAT ID
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

Terrill Major launched her online retail store, BRAT ID, focused on military families. As wife of a retired Army man, she understands the trials and hardships unique to the loved ones of active military. So Terrill intended to honor the families of those that serve, the many who are often forgotten in their unique sacrifice and support.

The Challenge and Goal:

Terrill wanted to create exclusive retail products that connected the military families and represented their distinguishing endurance. She aimed to create serial-numbered challenge coins – of military tradition – and matching lapel pins to sell on BRAT ID. Also understanding the importance of American-made products to those our armed forces, she wanted a high-quality product made wholly in the U.S.

The Solution and Result:

We minted serial-numbered bronze coin and pin sets. The artwork originated from the client that our artist then perfected for the custom-die creation. The result was a truly unique piece and the very first item for sale on BRAT ID.

The initial quantity sold out and Terrill is working with us to mint additional sets of both bronze and nickel.

She can proudly claim the merchandize is made 100% in the U.S. as her customers prefer while filling a niche to honor the oft-forgotten sacrifices of the military family.

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