Guns & Smoke Bar & GrillGuns & Smoke Bar & Grill

The Client:

Basil Thakur - Guns & Smoke Bar & Grill
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

United Kingdom business marketer Basil Thakur needed a coin to promote the opening of new British establishment, Guns and Smoke Bar & Grill.

The Challenge and Goal:

Basil wanted a simple, yet professional, design that captured the essence of the Guns & Smoke Bar & Grill. He also wanted a high quality product to represent the company. Knowing we produce U.S.-made merchandise, outshining that of foreign competitors, he chose our company for his project.

The Solution and Result:

We minted a copper-nickel coin with both sides featuring the bar’s logo prominently in the center and its web address curved along the bottom edge. The delivery was made on time and a quote from the customer reflects his approval: “Got ‘em. Look awesome as expected. You guys never fail to deliver.”

Rather than t-shirts or other nominal items, Basil used elegant coins that echoed the restaurant’s class in in order to promote the opening of Guns & Smoke Bar & Grill.

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