Maserati Commemorates Century of Excellence


Success Summary:

Northwest Territorial Mint provided Maserati with custom-minted medallions to honor its 100-year anniversary and their newest, most exciting entry into the luxury car market.

The Challenge:

Maserati hired the industrial fabrication company Tedson Industries to produce an 18’ medallion for Maserati’s display at the 2013 LA Auto Show. Tedson needed a smaller, complementary piece that would match their custom work.

The Solution:

Northwest Territorial Mint was the only company able to meet Tedson Industries specifications and timeline, creating a beautiful piece that perfectly captured the momentous occasion.

The Story:

Maserati was rebranding in a big way. Not only were they diversifying their product lines to include a car with a lower price point, they were updating their logo for a new century. It was a huge shift and not one easily made. From their official release:

“Maserati’s world famous Trident was inspired from the sculptures of Italy itself. So it seemed fitting to sculpt a new image to represent our first 100 years of passion in car-making.

The Maserati Centennial Logo is more medallion than graphic. It lives as a forged symbol of our racing heritage. But even more importantly, it resembles nothing found among other luxury brands. And so it serves as a constant reminder of our core belief. That in everything we build for the next 100 years, to always be”—The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary.

Executives at Maserati chose the 2013 L.A. Auto Show to unveil their new look and models. To help prepare the media and dazzle audiences, Maserati hired the renowned Tedson Industries to create an 18-foot replica of their logo to serve as a memorable backdrop to their presentation.

Tedson was well equipped to handle the large medallic piece but needed expertise for the smaller medallions Maserati wanted to make for the press. They turned to Northwest Territorial Mint’s century-plus experience to create the medallion bearing Maserati’s new branding logo. The medallion was designed to fit in an exhaust hose clamp and given to the press at the event in high-quality leatherette presentation boxes.

The show was widely acknowledged as a turning point for the company and Maserati continues to break sales records with its new course.

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