REACH coinMillennium Engineering & Integration

The Client:

Millennium Engineering & Integration
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

Millennium Engineering & Integration specializes in engineering services and hardware/software products for the aerospace industry.

The Challenge and Goal:

Millennium Engineering wanted a coin to celebrate a new space weather sensor component the company was producing called a Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercially Hosted (REACH).

Because they wanted an exact size and shape replica of the intricate part – which contained internal circuitry - we were met with a challenge of producing piece unlike anything we’ve done before.

The Solution and Result:

Our artists communicated extensively with the company to not only ensure our art was exact to their specifications, but also that it was a piece that we could produce to meet our high quality standards.

The result was a uniquely stunning piece that matched the component perfectly - as reflected by a quote from the company: “Thank you for producing such a beautiful coin. Everyone is stoked, including General Greaves. In fact, I heard he said it was one of the coolest he’s seen.”

The obverse of the coin displays an Earth radiation map, the three founding organizations (stars), the satellite it is hosted on and the Sun, which is the main radiation source. The reverse of the coin is a mock-up of the payload’s internal circuitry and sensor bay. The shape of the coin is the shape of the payload. The first three of 32 REACH payloads are scheduled to launch in September 2016.

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