TSA Wyoming HeadquartersTSA Wyoming Headquarters

The Client:

Michele Earnest - TSA Wyoming
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) Wyoming headquarters was developing a program to help improve employee performance.

The Challenge and Goal:

Michelle Earnest needed five different coins for various award levels and categories for TSA’s “What’s in It for Me” performance program. To reflect Wyoming’s Native American history she wanted an arrowhead as part of the coin’s design.

The Solution and Result:

Our initial task was to develop the arrowhead Michelle requested for the coin. We minted the coins in an arrowhead shape, then echoed the arrowhead motif on one side of all five coin categories. On the other side, we used an image unique to the coin’s specific award.

We also used different colors for each group of coins to make further distinction between the award classifications without adding additional cost.

And because the employees and management loved the coins, we also helped TSA meet its imperative goal for an effective performance program – offering an award that employees will desire and cherish.

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