Turks and CaicosTurks and Caicos

The Client:

Government of Turks and Caicos
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

The government of Turks and Caicos came to us to produce their first national service medals because of the high quality of our American-made products along with our experience producing prestigious U.S. military and government medals.

The Challenge and Goal:

The original artwork they brought to us would have required special tools, thus being far beyond their budget. We needed to find a way to retain the integrity of the design, keep the cost of production within their range, and produce supreme-quality medals that matched their expectations.

The Solution and Result:

The sales rep worked with the artist of the original compositions and government reps to streamline the medals’ designs to be more cost effective, yet possessed the high-quality they expected from us. Our artists also made suggestions to improve the aesthetic quality of each piece, like choosing translucent enamels that added color, but still allowed the fine details of the medal to show through.

The final result was seven different high-quality national service medals with an affordable price that exceeded the expectations of the country’s government.

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