Washington State National GuardWA State National Guard

The Client:

Colonel Anthony Bolante - WA State National Guard Aviation Unit
Sales Rep – Russ Wilson

A Washington State National Guard Aviation commander wanted a coin to give to his unit as on-the-spot awards and thank yous.

The Challenge and Goal:

Colonel Bolante was looking for a distinguishing coin that reflected his personality, combining his love of surfing and a scene from the movie Apocalypse Now involving a surfing obsessed lieutenant.

The Solution and Result:

To fulfill the colonel’s request, we coupled the basic shape of the surfboard in the movie scene with individual features of Col. Bolante’s personal board. We added additional flair representative of his interests by adding a “shark bite” bottle opener feature to the piece.

Added to the coin were the colonel’s name, the words “PRESENTED FOR EXCELLENCE,” and the unit’s insignia, giving the coin further distinction as an award within Bolante’s unit.

Col. Bolante now has an exclusive coin - reflective of himself and his unit - with which to reward his aviators for exemplary service.

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