Case Studies

Ben Tower Memorial CoinBrad Tower for Son Ben Tower

A heart-felt memorial dedicated to a son lost too soon. Read more>

AHMSA InternationalRyan Richardson; AHMSA International

Prestigious silver coins for the international company’s revered clients. Read more>

Turks and CaicosTurks and Caicos

The government of Turks and Caicos came to us to produce their first national service medals. Read more>

Guns & Smoke Bar & GrillGuns & Smoke Bar & Grill

A European business goes after a quality American-made coin. Read more>

Maserati medalCelebrating 100 Years of Maserati

Northwest Territorial Mint provided Maserati with custom-minted medallions to honor its 100-year anniversary and their newest, most exciting entry into the luxury car market. Read more>

Henry Clay medalHenry Clay 200th Anniversary Medal

Henry Clay was the longest serving Speaker of the House during the nineteenth century and he transformed the role of Speaker of the House. The 200th anniversary medal minted by Northwest Territorial Mint presented an opportunity to raise awareness and honor Henry Clay’s accomplishments. Read more>

Multi-national Forces Iraq coinMulti-National Forces Iraq

One senior commander from Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I) has proudly used coins made by Northwest Territorial Mint to boost the morale of his troops since 2003. Read more>

Parche coinUSS Parche

Commemorative coins from Northwest Territorial Mint captured in solid metal the legacy of the U.S. Navy's most highly decorated boat - the USS Parche (SSN 683). The coins were presented to the members of Parche's final crew at the decommissioning ceremony held in October 2004. Read more>

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Millennium Engineering & IntegrationMillennium Engineering & Integration

A blend of precision, artistry, and ingenuity created this truly unique coin. Read more>

Washington State National GuardColonel Bolante
WA State National Guard

A unique shape reflects this colonel’s personality for this unit coin. Read more>

TSA Wyoming HeadquartersTSA Wyoming

TSA Wyoming headquarters used our coins as awards for an innovative employee performance program. Read more>


A distinctive coin and pin set for the online retailer honoring military families. Read more>

Henry Clay medalCelebrating Coast Guard Medal of Honor Recipient

To raise funds for the new Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard College Scholarship Fund, and honor the new Coast Guard headquarters that now bears his name, Northwest Territorial Mint created a one of a kind coin that offers an enduring tribute to Signalman First Class Munro’s legacy. Read more>

Kanokogi receives medalRusty Kanokogi 50 Year Judo Medal

Rena (Rusty) Kanokogi was honored with a medallion that she earned but didn’t receive 50 years earlier. As the “Mother of Women’s Judo”, the medal also recognizes her lifetime accomplishments in promoting equality for women in sports. The award ceremony took place at the YMCA in Brooklyn, New York and received international press coverage. Read more>

Sufco coinSUFCO Mines

In 1999, Canyon Fuel Company, LLC, SUFCO Mine launched a program that utilized custom coins to reward company-wide achievement of injury-free production benchmarks. Since that time, more than 500 SUFCO employees have received the award coins and the company has broken its own safety records year after year. Read more>

alaska coinAlaska's 50th Anniversary Coin in a Rifle

The release of limited edition firearms embedded with stunning Northwest Territorial Mint medallions led to sporting goods wholesaler VF Grace quickly selling out of inventory. Read more>

Northwest Territorial Mint: Insights & Ideas
copper coin
Hot Topic: Minting in Copper

For many people, copper is not usually the first coinage metal contemplated. In fact, copper makes an ideal coinage metal used throughout the ages. Its malleability makes it easy to work, and many love the distinctive reddish color of the result. In some cases, the customer can even supply the source metal. We have minted from copper supplied by copper mines and salvaged from ships.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: In The News

Roman Coin Sizes, Metals, and Language

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?Roman legends are in Latin which uses our usual alphabet. Many of the words will remind you of English words. The coins were minted in silver, copper, or gold. Of course, the lower denominations in copper and silver are more common. Most range in size from that of a dime to the size of a half dollar, but thicker. Because the coin was stamped by mallet between dies with no collar, the shapes are irregular and the edges rough.