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Improving Safety at SUFCO Mine
Success Summary:

In 1999, Canyon Fuel Company, LLC, SUFCO Mine launched a program that utilized custom coins to reward company-wide achievement of injury-free production benchmarks. Since that time, more than 500 SUFCO employees have received the award coins and the company has broken its own safety records year after year.

The Challenge:

The management team at SUFCO Mine faced the challenge of improving safety, boosting morale, and increasing production across its entire mining operation.


Working with Northwest Territorial Mint, managers at SUFCO created an employee incentive and achievement recognition program that provides tangible results. Employees enjoy receiving and collecting the coins as symbols of a job well done and supervisors appreciate the program's effectiveness in setting and achieving measurable goals.

The Story:

SUFCO Mine and its parent company Canyon Fuel Company, LLC are committed to safety and to achieving the goal of zero injuries. In 1999, after several attempts to create a safety incentive program that clicked, the company embraced the idea of building a program around award coins that employees could earn when they reached pre-determined safety goals.

Over the past eight years, the program has met with considerable success. More than 500 SUFCO miners have received the award coins and the company continues to set new safety records.

Commenting on the success of the program, SUFCO Safety Manager, Gary Leaming stated: "This has worked out well for everybody; our workers love getting the coins and our production efficiency has increased."

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