Custom Awards Medals for Your Organization

Custom Award medals by Northwest Territorial Mint
Most common uses of award medals:
  • Corporate identity
  • Business awards/gifts for employees and customers
  • Recognition awards for employees, suppliers or distributors
  • Service awards
  • Safety awards
  • Commemorative medals gift items for anniversary or special events
Helping you achieve your goals.

Awards. Companies present engraved awards medals to outstanding performers at a ceremony in order to:

  • recognize outstanding performers for their achievement with personalized awards
  • publicly identify the values and behavior the company cherishes so the outstanding achievers become role models to other employees
  • keep a reminder of the success visible so it's more likely to be repeated in the future

Coins and medals have a rich history of being associated with champions, athletes and commemorative events. There is an aura and feeling of pride when you receive a coin or custom medal because it is not an everyday occurrence.

Coins and medallion can also be integrated into wall or desk awards like framed award plaques, Lucite embedment, crystal awards, wood display stands and presentation boxes.

Business Gifts

It is common for organizations to present business gifts to employees and key customers because they are critical to the success of the company. November and December tend to be the most popular months for business gift giving. Yet, there are many additional reasons companies give gifts including anniversary or special event, achieving a milestone, significant new product or service, mergers, promotional use and for corporate identity.

Popular gift items include coins, key chains, coasters, coaster sets, divot tools, keepsake boxes, and custom coin cards with four color graphics to share your story.

Safety Awards Medals

A successful safety award program more than pays for itself through improved safety performance measures such as fewer safety violation incidents, more safe working hours at a time, lower insurance costs, as well as healthy, safe and productive employees.

Safety gift items tend to be coins, precious metal coins, key chains, custom knives, and belt buckles. Coins can also be incorporated in wall award plaques for individual and manufacturing plant recognition.

Does it represent your company well?

The best advice we could give you is to make sure the business gifts and award items you select create a positive image and represent your company well. After all if your company is known for providing high quality products and the item you give out breaks or has shoddy quality, how does that reflect on your company?

Plus, when it comes to recognition awards and safety awards, there has been significant time and sacrifice on the part of the employees. You want the award to be a permanent reminder of the achievement.

As you view photos on this website of products we've minted, you'll quickly discover that we deliver a level of high quality and craftsmanship that is so difficult to find elsewhere. Assuredly, you will be proud to present the items and the recipient will proudly display them.

Need creative design help?

Our full-time, in-house artists can create free artwork based upon your ideas to help you visualize your design as a coin or medal. No artwork is required to start the process. If you have specific artwork you would like to send us, we can work with virtually any format of artwork and vector-based art is ideal.

Looking for ideas?

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Northwest Territorial Mint has created countless commemorative coin designs for anniversaries and recognition medals for high profile events. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales consultants can offer suggestions, ideas, and guide you through the process. Many clients are surprised by how easy it can be to create their custom coin.

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Medals & Medallions
Turn Your Coin Idea into a First-Class Award

Every organization has people who go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Recognizing that kind of commitment shows high achievers, those people who consistently give everything they've got, that their hard work is appreciated. And it gives everyone else in the organization extra incentive to improve. By simply adding a neck ribbon or pin-drape to your custom design, you can create an extremely powerful symbol of achievement and reward.

Let us show you how.

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