Rethinking Employee Awards

Employee award medallions are designed to reward and encourage success in the workplace. Custom award medals and custom made coins are a sure-fire way to make someone feel appreciated and noticed when they make an achievement. Employees who find recognition tend to be more d riven and motivated to succeed in their jobs. Award medals make things more exciting by mixing up the usual mundane work schedule and are a fantastic way to reward any accomplishment, especially the achievements of a motivated employee.

The Importance of Rewarding Employees

No employee wants to feel dispensable. As an employer, it is one of your many jobs to ensure that your company or organization has a stellar employee recognition program. Each employee deserves to feel valued, especially those who exceed expectations and rise above the rest. Quality award medals offer various benefits such as:

  • Encouraging Hard Work. Recognizing an employee’s efforts and accomplishments will inspire them to become even more engaged in their work. Every extraordinary employee deserves a certain sense of pride in their job. Properly rewarded employees reach goals faster and are more likely to be innovative thinkers while employees whose great work goes unnoticed may be less motivated to achieve.
  • Increase Loyalty. If someone is recognized for their work, they are more likely to develop and retain loyalty to their job. Workers tend to want to stick around when they love their work. Feeling appreciated for one’s efforts is a big step to enjoying your work environment. Award medallions instill a sense dedication and motivation when given to well-deserved recipients.
  • Create a Supportive Work Environment. The more an employee feels their work has value, the more they feel supported and fulfilled in their work environment. Supported employees lack resentment and build each other up as a team. A well-valued team will be more supportive of your goals, creating a more active and productive work environment.
  • Custom Award Medals Provide a Sense of Belonging for Employees. When an employee receives an award medal, it provides a sense of ownership and belonging in their place of employment. This further enhances performance and fosters a sense of positivity in the workplace.

Unique and Memorable

There is no reason why an employee award should be a boring gesture. Custom award medals put meaning behind an award and give employees a warm sense of pride and accomplishment. Here are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Custom Award Medallions. Seasoned craftsmen work meticulously on every detail of their award medals. Each design is unique and minted specifically for your organization, company, or personal occasion.
  • Multiple Recipients. The limits on how many employees can receive an award shouldn’t be too strict. When you recognize multiple high achievers, award medal recipients can stand together with their peers and co-workers. Together, they gain pride in their work, workplace, and each other. You never want to put a quota on accomplishment.
  • Limit award types. It can be tempting to create awards for all the wonderful things an employee is capable of. Recognizing every little accomplishment can diminish their meaning. Awards shouldn’t be so regularly expected that no one really has to work for them. If multiple employees receive a single award, that’s great, but all employees shouldn’t receive different awards all the time. Keep them special and exciting.

Why Custom Medals?

There are few awards that can be given that instill a sense of pride like a medal being placed around your neck. The beautiful and unique artwork of a smooth and weighty medallion is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is guaranteed to make any high achiever feel noticed. These custom made medallions will last a lifetime, ready to provide nostalgic value to the memory of a successful career.

There are many options available to those looking to reward their employees with custom minted award medals. Medallic has been in the minting business since 1903. Highly trained craftspeople work on each medal as if it were a priceless piece of fine art. You can choose from an array of custom medals; making sure that each award is unique to every occasion.

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