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Adding Color to Your Coin

A splash of color can transform the look of your coin, highlighting your coin's design and adding hue and color to the monochromes of metal finishes. Our expert enamelers use high magnification and precision instruments in applying enamel to metal, providing color to your exact specifications for a finished design that's really a master work of enamel and medallic art.

Enameling is the ideal answer for reproduction in a coin of a colored logo or emblem. For the best result, the coin should be designed from the start to be enameled with each color contained within its own individual, miniature resevoir. Colors are best chosen to enhance or contrast the metal finish of the coin. We offer the extensive experience of our enameling experts to help guide you to make the most attractive decision possible.

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Insights & Ideas
Hot Topic: Enamel Color? Coverage?

When enameling is chosen to provide color, a question arises over how much of the coin to cover and in what color. Colors are often dictated by the color of an emblem or badge or to enhance readability of lettering. Percentage of the coin to cover with enamel often becomes a matter of taste, with no firm rules.

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Enameling History

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?Enameling is an old and widely-adopted technology. The ancient Egyptians applied enamels to pottery and stone objects. Other practitioners include the ancient Greeks, Celts, Russians, and the Chinese.