Selecting a Finish to Fit Your Design

When it comes to choosing a finish, you want an accent that complements your design. But how do you decide which one best suits your custom coin? That's where our expertise comes into play. With more than two decades of experience, we know how to tailor every design to just the right metal and finish, creating a presentation that can't be beat. Below is a list of the finishes we offer to help you get started in thinking about this option.


Struck in a special coin press with meticulously polished dies, our proof coins are virtually flawless in their appearance, retaining a satiny-smooth character and bright luster. Proof-finish coins are most often minted in silver, but our experts can create a proof-like appearance for any metal you choose.


Our proof-like finish is one of our most popular and cost-effective options. Northwest Territorial Mint offers its own proof-like product called MerlinGold, a proprietary brass alloy that so closely resembles the radiance of solid gold, that even Merlin the Magician would be fooled. Proof-like coins can also be struck in a nickel alloy.


Providing a warm and subtle accent to your custom coin, our antique finish can add depth and character to your design, highlighting the most important aspects and giving your coin a timeless look and feel. Our antique finish is most often used with coins minted in brass, copper, and nickel.

Selective Gold Plating

Adding 24-karat gold plating to your custom piece not only increases its value, but adds an unmistakably rich texture to your coin's design. You can choose to have your coin clad entirely in pure gold or selectively plated for a uniquely elegant contrast.

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Arabic Coin
Hot Topic: Virtues of Proof-Like

A recent customer approached Northwest Territorial Mint to recreate a historically accurate coin with very fine detail and precise inscription in Arabic. Because this coin was to be given away, it also had to be inexpensive to produce. Northwest Territorial Mint's MerlinGold® product was chosen with a carefully-done proof-like strike, resulting in a perfect recreation.

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Chemistry of Gold Plating

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?There are five recognized classes of gold plating chemistries: Alkaline gold cyanide (for gold and gold alloy plating), Neutral gold cyanide (for high purity plating), Acid gold plating for bright hard gold and gold alloy plating, Non-cyanide (generally sulfite based for gold and gold alloy plating) and miscellaneous other methods not using any of the above chemistries.