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May 2007
silver proof
Hot Topic: The Virtues of Good Polishing

The highly reflective and mirror finish on the field of a proof coin starts with blanks of the highest quality. Imperfections in the blank will become imperfections in the coin. This makes the blanking and polishing steps critical in the maintaining the quality of the strike. Northwest Territorial Mint maintains tight inspection and quality control of these steps to ensure the quality of the coins.

Insights & Ideas
Hot Topic: Rim Marking

Rim marking can be used in the manufacturing process to enhance and distinguish your medallion. Edge options include the traditional ridged or reeded variations. In addition, serial numbers, commemorative slogans and special dedications can be embedded into the edge for a truly memorable coin.

Insights & Ideas
Hot Topic: 2d versus 3d

A two dimensional coin has fundamentally only 2 layers: that of the background and that of the raised surface. A “2d” coin is an excellent choice for a silhouette or text only coin. A three dimensional coin has a full range of surfaces and the ability to hold high detail.

Insights & Ideas
Hot Topic: Splash Minting

Extraordinary coin relief can be achieved through the use of special dies that allow excess metal to “splash” out sideways when the coin is struck. After the strike, the excess metal is machined off, leaving a coin in which ships look like they are ready to sail away. Such coins are also thicker and have a heftier feel.