Another Grand Award

Designing and minting prestigious awards comes with honor and responsibility. And once again, we are proud to have accepted our duty to successfully produce another esteemed medal – The Merikin Medal of Merit.

We created the medal in honor of 525 newly freed slaves to settle in Trinidad and Tobago in 1816 – known as the Merikins. To celebrate the bicentennial of the brave settlers’ arrival and new life, a commission led by Curtis McNish (a descendant to one of the men) wanted to award outstanding members of Trinidad’s and Tobago’s community with commemorative medals.

At the Merikin Gala Dinner and Award Recognition ceremony, the President of the Republic will present the awards in four categories: Service to Community, Service to Country, Youth Development and Promotion, and Open Selection. The Prime Minister will be keynote speaker.

We’ve produced a short video highlighting the making of the medal, which will be viewed at the presentation gala.

For decades, we’ve been honored to deliver excellence to those who achieve it - and we will continue that dignified assignment for many to come.