Reginald Petty Service Award

Retired naval officer Charmaine Savage wanted to do more for her troubled hometown community in addition to her founding of I Am East St. Louis – The Magazine, which provides inspiration, and highlights positive elements in East St. Louis.

With the help of her sales representative, she devised the idea to annually honor a deserving member of the community who promotes good. She chose to name the award after her own honorable inspiration, Reginald Petty.

An East St. Louis local, Reginald was involved in the civil rights movements of the '50s and '60s, and became the Director of the Africa Peace Corps. He now owns and operates an East St. Louis museum and library.

The first award will be presented to Reginald himself at the I Am East St. Louis – The Magazine Inaugural Year Celebration.

The 3-inch bronze medallions are produced in our Dayton facility. They’re then mounted on an elegant black base, which bears a bronze engraved plaque.


The very first Reginald Petty Service Award was presented to its namesake, Reginald Petty, at the elegant I Am East St. Louis – The Magazine Inaugural Year Celebration. Unaware that he was being presented with an award, joy, surprise, and humility filled Mr. Petty upon acceptance. The founder of the award, Charmaine Savage, stated that Mr. Petty didn’t feel worthy of all the attention and left the event still overwhelmed. Others in the room couldn’t imagine a more deserving person.

Awards such as the Reginald Petty Service Award remind us that our work makes a difference in people’s lives. For every award minted, there is a remarkable person and story behind it.

In her most recent issue of I Am East St. Louis, Ms. Savage included an article written by our sales rep, Eric Graff, detailing the creation process, more about Mr. Petty, and working one-on-one with Ms. Savage. The article can be found on page 40 of the magazine: