Medals minted by Northwest Territorial Mint are the focus of the many items from all branches of the US military on the official Christmas tree in the White House.

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White House’s Official Christmas Tree Decorated with Military Medals Minted by Northwest Territorial Mint

As the most important residence in the free world, the White House observance of Christmas carries special meaning. With the nation’s military at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, America’s prime residence has chosen to honor these men and women who give so much by decorating its official Christmas Tree in a military theme, decorated with actual Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, Air Force Crosses, Legion of Merit, and Silver Stars. These medals are the same minted products as produced to award to America’s military men and women.

The White House chose Shine, Give, Share as its holiday theme, and designated the official tree to honor our men and women in uniform. Military families were among the first to see the first family’s military-themed Christmas tree in the Blue Room, which, besides medals, also included photographs, military emblems, badges and patches, and messages created by children of those serving in America’s military.

Northwest Territorial Mint is pleased that its work will be on view in the nation’s home.

Kavli PrizeNorthwest Territorial Mint Strikes Medals for The Kavli Foundation

On September 9, 2008, the first Kavli Prizes were awarded in Oslo, Norway to the world’s greatest thinkers in the most cutting-edge scientific fields. Minted by Northwest Territorial Mint, each medallion is fashioned from 10 ounces of pure gold. The obverse of each bears the image of prize sponsor Fred Kavli, the Norwegian-born American businessman and philanthropist who has established multiple scientific institutes at the most prestigious universities on the face of planet; the reverse bears the symbol of The Kavli Foundation.

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Sweathearts for Soldiers coinSweethearts For Soldiers Coins

“Coins mean everything to guys in uniform. I wanted to be able to give them something that would remind them of our gratitude and affection,” reasoned Jessica Andrews, former NFL cheerleader, about why she and eleven other cheerleaders carried newly-minted coins with them on a tour to visit our soldiers in Iraq. These coins were minted with care and honor by Northwest Territorial Mint and proved a huge success.

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