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Northwest Territorial Mint Creates New U.S. Air Force 60th Anniversary Coin

In 2007, the U.S. Air Force celebrated its 60th Anniversary in grand fashion. A new monument was dedicated in the nation's capital to mark this milestone and special events were held nationwide throughout the year to further celebrate the achievement.

In 2006, Northwest Territorial Mint created a special 60th anniversary commemorative medallion at the request of U.S. Air Force officials. Perfectly capturing the theme of “Heritage to Horizon,” this 1 ¾-inch medallion features a rendering of the official 60th anniversary emblem on the obverse and a World War II-era flying ace on the reverse.

The medallion was struck in a brass alloy and brushed with antique finish. A splash of red enamel accents the star incorporated in the obverse design. To achieve the exceptionally high relief featured on this medallion, special dies called "splash" dies were used. Unlike standard coining dies, these dies permit some of the coin metal to flow out toward the edges of the coin during the striking process. After the coin struck, the excess metal is carefully trimmed away, resulting in a highly contoured design with dramatic contrast that can be seen and felt throughout.

Northwest Territorial Mint, which has earned distinction as the largest producer of custom coins for the U.S. Military, was selected for this project because of its proven track record for delivering high-quality minted designs featuring superior craftsmanship.

Ready-made coins honoring Air Force commands, occupations, aircraft, and much more are also available at our online store.

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USGS Benchmark Medallion
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On the summit of major U.S. peaks, one will often find a medallion epoxied there by the Geological Survey. Replicas of these medallions have come to represent the achievement of significant milestones, and have become a way some of our customers choose to honor such accomplishments. We can mint your custom USGS benchmarks to represent any achievement you desire.

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