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Northwest Territorial Mint Supplies Tour Coins for Cheerleaders Visiting Soldiers

Former NFL Cheerleaders Use Military's Challenge Coin Tradition to Make Memories Permanent.

Nothing can cheer a man protecting America’s freedom like a pretty girl.

And for years, gorgeous gals — movie stars from Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson, beauty queens like Miss America, and singers from the Andrews Sisters to Jessica Simpson — have warmed the hearts of soldiers around the globe by visiting the troops on the front lines. Continuing that tradition this year is a baker’s dozen of beautiful (well, duh) former NFL cheerleaders who are donating their verve and allure to raise the spirits of American military men in Kuwait and Iraq. “They sacrifice so much,” said Bari Yonkers, a former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader. “We’re going to bring a smile to their faces.”

These lovely lasses struck classic pin-up poses for their 2008 calendar. Now they’ve arranged to strike their own souvenir challenge coins as a special forget-me-not to the deserving men they meet on their tour from March 14 through March 23. Challenge coins are specially produced or marked coins or medallions that military units use to promote esprit de corps. Military commanders award their own custom coins to troops as a spontaneous reward for effort and accomplishment.

Jessica Andrews, another of the former cheerleaders (and also an Air Force Reservist and soon-to-be officer in the Navy Reserve), works for the United States Naval Institute as a communications manager. She’s been named one of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill (well, duh). Andrews knew she wanted coins made for the tour. “Coins mean everything to guys in uniform. I wanted to be able to give them something that would remind them of our gratitude and affection even after we had left.” Knowing the Northwest Territorial Mint enjoys high regard in the military, she was pleased to have met their representatives at a recent trade show. Shortly afterward, the arrangement for minting the coins was made.

Military.com has posted a slideshow of the Sweethearts tour of Iraq. See it here.

About Sweethearts for Soldiers

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Sweethearts for Soldiers work on behalf of Soldiers R U.S., a non-profit organization that supports American troops overseas by sending “Freedom Helmet” care packages and calendars to boost their morale and provide a touch of home. Calendars are available at the Soldiers R U.S. web site. The newest venture of Soldiers R U.S. is a character-education speaking program where post -9/11 veterans tour the country teaching junior high school students, high school students, and youth groups trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Sweethearts for Soldiers and Soldiers R U.S. are trademarks of Soldiers R U.S. Photography of Sweethearts for Soldiers is Copyright © 2008 Soldiers R U.S.

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