Northwest Territorial Mint: Blanks, Ready for Striking
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The strips of metal are rolled down to the exact thickness required to achieve the proper size-to-weight ratio so the pressed medallion will meet certified specifications. The strips are then run through the 'blanking' press which punches out blank discs of metal. These are then scrupulously cleaned in preparation of striking the medallion.

After blanking, the discs are sent to be polished to ready them for the strike.

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Fire Department NY Coin
Hot Topic: Making A Coin Into a Medal

Any coin that we make can be equally a noteworthy medal. A process that we have made popular starts at the blanking stage with a tab formed on each blank. Later, the tab is machined out to allow attachment of a ribbon. For the Fire Department of New York, we manufactured a well received series of medals to honor valor and heroism their members displayed on 911.

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Coins of Ancient Empires

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?The history of human civilization is filled with stories of great empires, some of which lasted hundreds of years and extended thousands of miles at their peak. As empires grew, the use of coinage evolved. To ensure that merchants from every corner of the empire could easily recognize currency, large coins with simple designs were used. In fact, throughout the Persian and Roman empires, large gold coins - the Persian "daric" and the Roman "aureus" - played a major role in expanding trade and increasing the size of the empires.