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More than twenty years ago, we began making custom unit challenge coins for all branches of the U.S. Military. Since then, the challenge coin concept has spread to other professions, including fire fighting and law enforcement. Since the purpose of these coins is to show solidarity and honor achievement, organizations of all kinds have come to recognize the value of challenge coins as unique awards and gifts. Through the years, we have built on the well-established challenge coin tradition with new products, including medals, coasters, key tags, knives.

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Just the Beginning.

We excel in minting more than just coins. Our detailed and durable knives - including our signature coin knives - are a prime example of our commitment to innovation. But it doesn't stop with these products. Our custom-minting expertise extends to key chains, coasters, tie tacks, lapel pins, cufflinks, and much more. In short, if you can conceive of your design in metal, chances are we can help you make it happen.

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Decades of Success

For decades, we've helped people all over the world turn their ideas into minted works of art to achieve their objectives.

We have serviced:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • U.S. military
  • Police and fire departments
  • Government agencies
  • Private businesses
  • Organizations
  • Religious and charitable institutions

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