Die-struck Knives

Minted Knives from Northwest Territorial MintService with Sentiment.

Our deeply detailed knives offer you sturdy 440 stainless steel blades with hefty die-struck handles. You can choose from a variety of shapes, including coin knives and standard lock-back pocket knives. We also offer choices in metals, finishes, and blade engravings – all to create a truly individual instrument to tell your story.

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Contact us toll-free at 1-800-843-9854.

E-mail us at custominfo@nwtmint.com to learn more. To see ready-made minted knives, visit our online store.

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Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives
Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives Custom Minted Knives

Knives Are Just the Beginning.

Click on any of the images above for a closer look and you see just how impressive our die-struck knives can be. It's not just the quality of the materials used or the fact that the feature cutlery-grade stainless steel blades - it's the extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes these knives so special. Not only are the die-struck handles minted to meet your precise specifications, but we can even engrave the blade edge for a completely customized look perfect for service awards, retirement gifts, and more.

Interested in turning your design concept into a one-of-a-kind custom lockback or coin knife?

Let us show you how.

Contact us via e-mail or call us at 1-800-843-9854.

What Can We Do for You?

Through the years, we've helped individuals and institutions all over the world turn their ideas into beautifully sculpted forms of metal to recognize outstanding achievement, honor sacrifices made, show solidarity, and memorialize important occasions of every kind. Some of our clients include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • All branches of the U.S. Military
  • Police and fire departments
  • Local, state, and federal government agencies
  • Private businesses and member-supported organizations
  • Religious and charitable institutions

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