From Mine to Medallion

Northwest Territorial Mint has been minting specialty products in the USA for the mining industry, governments and private Interests around the world for more than a quarter-century. We are known for making high-quality presentation pieces, awards, and bullion, and employ highly skilled craftsmen who cater to the specific desires of each of our clients.

The Power of Metal

Precious metals have been wrested from the earth throughout history to be fabricated into objects of art and into bullion to store wealth. The most common mix of art and bullion is the medallion. Medallions can be struck from any malleable metal, such as copper, bronze, aluminum, magnesium, silver, gold or many other alloys.

Custom-minted items for production achievements, incentives, safety awards, new mine openings, first pour, mine closures, merger announcements, anniversaries, visitor souvenirs and corporate gifts show not only how important the recipient is, but the power of mining itself.

It’s actually rare that someone in the mining industry sees the finished product of their labor. A medallion struck from metal produced from their mine is an excellent recognition of their efforts or investments, and a powerful incentive to work harder or invest in future production. Moreover, unlike other premium gifts, medallions struck from both base and precious metals are a tangible way to support and commemorate the mining industry and your business interests.

Cost and Process

The expense to produce a custom medallion depends largely on the intricacy, size, special features (such as colors,) and metal you choose. Each side of the medallion requires a special die to strike the metal with your design, and can range from $450 to $1,200 each – depending on the design and size. When the custom dies are completed they are yours to use as often as you wish.

Once the dies are ready, you can order as many medallions as you wish (minimum of 50 per order. You may mix the types of metal in your order (for instance, some bronze, some silver, and some gold medallions in a single order). Per-piece prices for a 1.5-inch (diameter) coin can be as little as $3.95 for a simple bronze medallion to the spot price of the precious metal used plus the strike fee. A 1.5-inch silver coin would weigh 1 Troy ounce. Our medallions can be traditional rounds or struck in many different geometric shapes.

Designing Your Coin

The first step in developing your custom medallion is to create the design you desire. For your convenience we employ talented artists who cater to your vision in order to create a medallion or ingot with impact that represents the message you wish to convey to the recipient. This is done at no additional cost to you. Once you are satisfied with the design we will translate it into a work of art in metal.

Your custom medallions can be ordered in a variety of packaging options and award styles best-suited for the recipient for a corresponding fee.

Ideally Suited for Your Marketing, PR, and HR Needs

Whether they are awards, products for sale, or an integral part of your marketing, safety or performance plan, our products can be customized to deliver any message, fit any occasion, or commemorate any milestone.

Contact us to arrange the creation of your custom medallion or bullion needs. We have the talent, craftsmen, and capability to make your message be truly memorable and to further the goals of your mining interests.

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Mining is Just the Beginning.

We excel in minting more than just coins. Our detailed and durable knives - including our signature coin knives - are a prime example of our commitment to innovation. But it doesn't stop with these products. Our custom-minting expertise extends to key chains, coasters, tie tacks, lapel pins, cufflinks, and much more. In short, if you can conceive of your design in metal, chances are we can help you make it happen.

Let us show you how.

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Decades of Success

For decades, we've helped people all over the world turn their ideas into minted works of art to achieve their objectives.

We have serviced:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • U.S. military
  • Police and fire departments
  • Government agencies
  • Private businesses
  • Organizations
  • Religious and charitable institutions

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