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Founder Coin
Hot Topic: Honoring the Founder

Often an organization will want to honor its founder by including his or her likeness on a coin. For such a coin to be genuinely successful, the likeness must be true. Getting that result on a coin requires the highest level of skill and craftsmanship in coin creation. Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to be able to work with the finest artisans available to achieve such results.

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The Spy Coin

Silver Dollar Spy CoinIn January 2007, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a warning about a new espionage threat: spy coins. After it was suspected that Canadian coins carried across the border by American contractors may have contained tracking devices, Defense Department officials confirmed that this method of spying posed a legitimate threat to U.S. interests. In fact, in an official report related to the investigation, the CIA revealed that it had previously used hollow U.S. silver dollar coins to carry top-secret messages and film. (Photo courtesy CIA).