Minting to Please

Take a look at what some of our happy clients have to say about their experience and their products from Northwest Territorial Mint.

Iron Sites Training Centre


The Dane, Beer & Coffee Cafe

“We will definitely let everyone who asks know how great it was to work with you at Northwest Territorial Mint!”

South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force/Department of the Interior

“…thank you for your outstanding service…”

Wind Lake Fire Department

“They are AWESOME.”

Brad Tower

“I'm so excited - just received the coins!”

Carol; Palm Springs Air Museum

“I will always recommend Northwest Territorial Mint for their quality of product, but most importantly…”

Gary Brannan; The Ross Hollywood Chapel and Veteran’s Day Parade

“All 50 [coins] arrived and they look great!”

Joe Abodeely; Arizona Department of Veterans / Arizona Military Museum

When another company disappointed, we delivered.

Kevin Arbanas; Ferris High School. Spokane, WA – Sponsored Play, Ham on Regal

Two traditions brought together for one delightful result.

Krishna Naperville Temple

“You took so much effort to make sure that we have a high-quality coin.”

Coastal Community Bank

“…they are gorgeous!”


Automotive Peformance Research

“They look so terrific and we cannot wait to give them out to our dealers.”

CME Group

“We LOVE them.”

Millennium Engineering & Integration

“Thank you for producing such a beautiful coin.”

Michele Earnest; TSA Headquarters, WY

“Russ, just opened the box and they look great!”

Jim Nehez; Panama Canal Locks Manufacturers

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how perfect our order turned out…”

Terrill Major; BRAT ID Online Retail

“Thanks to the mint, I can push made-in-the-USA and high quality materials and workmanship…”

Colonel Anthony Bolante; WA State National Guard Aviation Unit

A unit coin to award with fun and function.

Northwest Territorial Mint: Insights & Ideas
Founder Coin
Hot Topic: Honoring the Founder

Often an organization will want to honor its founder by including his or her likeness on a coin. For such a coin to be genuinely successful, the likeness must be true. Getting that result on a coin requires the highest level of skill and craftsmanship in coin creation. Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to be able to work with the finest artisans available to achieve such results.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: In The News

The Tin Star

Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?As the cattle industry and mining expanded into the American West, so too did the number of people on the frontier. A means of marking the local Peace Officer soon became necessary. Lack of local badge-makers meant such lawmen had to make their badges from materials at hand. The tin star evolved as a star cutout from the top or bottom of a tin can. Another popular method of making a badge was to use a coin and cut out a star from the center. The Texas Rangers cut a star shape from a coin: the 1800s Mexican Ocho Reales (pieces of eight). In 1962 the Rangers resumed this practice using the 1940s Mexican Cinco Peso coins.