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Honoring America’s Sky Soldiers

America’s debt to the 173d Airborne Brigade can never fully be repaid, but a new memorial will go a long way toward honoring the sacrifice of all those who have served under its flag. As a tribute to these brave men and women and to help raise funds for the memorial, members of this famed unit have created a custom commemorative medallion with the help of Northwest Territorial Mint.

The 173d Airborne Brigade was activated on the island of Okinawa in 1963 to serve as an expeditionary combat team. After undergoing arduous training, the paratroopers of this separate brigade were called up in 1965 to serve in Vietnam. During the course of its involvement in Vietnam, the intrepid warriors of the 173d Airborne Brigade participated in 54 campaigns, including the only mass-combat jump of the war. This unit still continues its service to the country today, and its members have performed with distinction in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Creating A Coin
Northwest Territorial Mint worked closely with the 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Foundation to create a medallion that captures the unit’s unique identity and commemorates the Sky Soldier Memorial. The obverse (heads) side of the 1 7/8-inch medallion features the unit's distinctive emblem. The reverse bears a rendering of the new memorial, which is sited on the grounds of the National Infantry Museum adjacent to Fort Benning, Georgia.


Customer Quote
In the words of Don Dali, Director of the 173d Memorial Foundation, the medallion is “…truly a tribute to the 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Project and all those soldiers whose lives were taken from us while serving under its flag.

“The attention to detail, workmanship and quality is nothing less than outstanding!!! All those who have seen them think they are beautiful. Most of all, the professionalism extended to us by you and NWTM staff was superb.”

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Hot Topic: Military Unit Coins

Elite units of the military pioneered the custom of minting their very own coin that would be unique to their unit. The tradition spread, and soon any self-respecting unit had to have their own unit coin. Sometimes a soldier would find himself “challenged” to show his coin, and a new tradition and term evolved, the “challenge coin.”

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Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?Roman military campaigns required a lot of currency for paying soldiers and purchasing supplies. Often a special coin was minted for an individual campaign. Such campaign coins also evidenced proof, for a given soldier, of service to Rome in the campaign.

The coin here depicts Emperor Domitian on horseback riding down a German warrior. It was issued to celebrate his German campaign from 85-89 CE.