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A Ton of Attention from an Ounce of Silver

Endeavour Silver is a Canadian mining company anxious to secure awareness of their operations and subsequent recommendations by stock analysts and brokers.

Vice-president Hugh Clarke meets and greets all of them personally. Because the opinions of analysts and brokers can be so pivotal, they are called upon frequently. Mounds of annual reports and supporting documents pile up on their desks.

To break through that kind of clutter, Clarke sought something tangible. He had seen Pan American Silver Corp. minted products and liked them, which led him to Northwest Territorial Mint, manufacturer of Pan American Silver Corp. bullion. The bid from Northwest Territorial Mint was the best, and he had some precision-struck silver coins made for Endeavour Silver.

Though the connection to silver was obvious, Clarke was initially uncertain as to how precisely he’d use the rounds he’d made. “I was a little stingy at first,” he said. It was at an investors’ conference that he began to give the coins to children in the tow of the attendees, but he wanted to connect to the media, analysts, brokers, and institutional investors. So anytime anyone in a targeted segment would visit him — usually for a one-on-one or in a small group — he would present a coin.

“It makes an immediate impact.”

- Vice President Hugh Clarke

“It makes an immediate impact,” Clarke reported. “My contacts are listening to my presentation, but having our silver coin in their hands seems to make it more memorable. And,” he continues, “when I follow up, I’m amazed at how many of these influential individuals have that coin on their desks.”

Clarke credits Northwest Territorial Mint’s expert design department and skilled press operators for some of the success. “I’ve seen similar coins from other companies, and I’d be embarrassed to hand them out. Northwest Territorial Mint excels at making clean, precise images.”

The coins have additional uses. Endeavour distributes them to staff and, at its Mexico division, they are used as tokens of appreciation.

And they’re so successful, Clarke says, “I’ve re-ordered new coins already and I’m sure I’ll be re-ordering again in the future.”

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Sometimes the nature of the coin makes the choice of metal an emotional decision. When the USS Parche was decommissioned the first struck coins used brass that came from a cleat removed from the submarine. We can often use metal supplied from the customer for a truly unique and special coin.

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Coins from ElectrumThe earliest known coins were struck in Lydia and Ionia (modern western Turkey) from electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. Each coin blank was cast to a predetermined weight. Then the blank was heated to a malleable temperature and struck with a hammer between two engraved dies. These archaic coins usually depict a symbol of the city or ruler on the obverse and a crude punch mark on the reverse. They were the world's first true coins because they were composed of a scarce metal, of a consistent weight, and guaranteed by a government.