Mesa Verde CoinUSS Mesa Verde (LPD 19)

Getting Underway in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Despite being battered by the fiercest hurricane in American history, the USS Mesa Verde is still going strong and on schedule to meet her official launch in June 2007.

In preparation for this momentous occasion and to honor all those who have helped transform this ship from concept to reality, ship commanders created a special commemorative coin in 2005. The coins were minted in three distinct metals and finishes - MerlinGold® proof-like, nickel proof-like and silver with 24K gold-select.

"These coins perfectly capture Mesa Verde's mission..."

- Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Adkins

"We requested that coins be created in several different metals because we knew they would be used in different ways," said Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Adkins, the sales officer aboard the ship who helped coordinate the design for the coin.

The coins feature a rendering of the USS Mesa Verde at the center of a montage of symbols highlighting the ship's namesake, the 50,000-acre Mesa Verde National Park, which is located in Colorado.

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USS Parche coin
Hot Topic: Special Metals

Sometimes the nature of the coin makes the choice of metal an emotional decision. When the USS Parche was decommissioned the first struck coins used brass that came from a cleat removed from the submarine. We can often use metal supplied from the customer for a truly unique and special coin.

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Northwest Territorial Mint: Did You Know?From the late Middle Ages on, it was common for rulers and other wealthy persons to commission personal medals, often as large as three inches across, usually with their portrait on the obverse (front) and an emblem on the reverse. These were presented to friends and followers, or given to other rulers.